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Thus, the Quran may refer not to the earthly Ezra, but to the heavenly Ezra, identifying him with the heavenly Enoch, who in turn became identified with the angel Metatron also called lesser YHWH in merkabah mysticism. The Quran repeatedly tells about the fall of Iblis. According to Surah , the angels object to God's intention to create a human, because they will cause corruption and shed blood , [98] echoing the account of 1 Enoch and the Book of Jubilees.

This happens after the angels observe men causing unrighteousness. Only Iblis refuses to follow the instruction. When God asks for the reason behind Iblis' refusal, he boasts about himself being superior to Adam, because he is made of fire. Thereupon God expels him from heaven. In the early Meccan period , Iblis appears as a degraded angel. Therefore, they reject the concept of fallen angels and emphasize the nobility of angels by quoting certain Quranic verses like and , distinguishing between infallible angels and jinn capable of sin. However, the notion of jinni cannot clearly exclude Iblis from being an angel.

Therefore, Surah could not exclude Iblis from being an angel.

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In Surah , God grants Iblis' request to prove the unworthiness of humans. Surah also confirms that Iblis' intrigues to lead humans astray are permitted by God's power. Harut and Marut are a pair of angels mentioned in Surah Although the reason behind their stay on earth is not mentioned in the Quran, the following narration became canonized in Islamic tradition. Consequently, God offers a test to determine whether or not the angels would do better than humans for long: the angels are endowed with human-like urges and Satan has power over them.

The angels choose two or in some accounts three among themselves. However, on Earth, these angels entertain and act upon sexual desires and become guilty of idol worship, whereupon they even kill an innocent witness of their actions. For their deeds, they are not allowed to ascend to heaven again. In accordance with 3 Enoch , al-Kalbi AD — AD named three angels descending to earth, and he even gave them their Enochian names.

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He explained that one of them returned to heaven and the other two changed their names to Harut and Marut. Rather, the stories about fallen angels are related to a rivalry between humans and angels. In the Divine Comedy — by Dante Alighieri , fallen angels guard the City of Dis surrounding the lower circles of hell.

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They mark a transition: While in previous circles, the sinners are condemned for sins they just could not resist, later on, the circles of hell are filled with sinners, who deliberately rebel against God, such as fallen angels or Christian heretics. In John Milton 's 17th-century epic poem Paradise Lost , both obedient and fallen angels play an important role.

They appear as rational individuals: [] their personality is similar to that of humans. The first portrayal of God in the book is given by fallen angels, who describe him as a questionable tyrant and blame him for their fall. Unlike most earlier Christian representations of hell, it is not the primary place for God to torture the sinners, but the fallen angels' own kingdom.

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The fallen angels even build a palace, play music and freely debate. Nevertheless, without divine guidance, the fallen angels themselves turn hell into a place of suffering. The idea of fallen angels plays a significant role in the various poems of Alfred de Vigny. He seeks refuge with his beloved on Mount Ararat , hoping that his angelic father will save them. But since he does not appear, they are caught by the flood. She hears about a male angel, expelled from heaven, whereupon she seeks to comfort him, but goes to perdition as a consequence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about fallen angels in Abrahamic religions.

For other uses, see Fallen angel disambiguation. For other uses, see Rebel Angels disambiguation. See also: 1 Enoch. Main article: Book of Jubilees. Michael casts out rebel angels. God sits on a throne within a mandorla.


The rebelling angels are depicted as falling out of heaven and into a hell, in the shape of a mouth. As they fall, the angels become demons. The angels Harut and Marut punished by hanging over the well, without wings and hair.

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Depiction of Iblis, black-faced and without hairs top-right of the picture. He refuses to prostrate himself with the angels. However, their ethereal body, similar to the Christian notion of fallen angels, would allow them to climb up to heaven to obtain knowledge, thus passing secret information to soothsayers, a concept corresponding with the Greek Daimon. The Quran also refers to the belief of jinn , trying to climb up to heaven. As Patricia Crone points out, one of the characteristics of fallen angels is, that they fall from heaven, not that they try to get back to it.

Grabbe calls the story of the sexual intercourse between angels and women "an old myth in Judaism".

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Further, he states: "the question of whether the myth is an interpretation of Genesis or whether Genesis represents a brief reflection of the myth is debated. Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. Clarendon Press.

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Hebrew Union College Annual, vol. The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion. Oxford University Press. When Did Angels Become Demons? Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. JSTOR, www. Carol Stream, Ill. Oswalt After Adam and Eve fell, God sent these Watcher Angels to show them how to grow food, make houses, start fires to cook and for warmth, nets to fish, dig for metals to make tools, dishes, and weapons, how to make clothes, jewelry, furniture from wood,etc.

Eventually, these good Watcher Angels fell from grace when they lusted after and raped the fair women of earth for pleasure and to have their own families Genesis 6. Because the wickedness of the fallen watch angels violating the fair women of earth these poor women became pregnant and produced horrible babies that were half-human and half-angel.

The fallen angel DNA caused the offspring to be evil and to grow to be 10 to feet tall. The bones of these giants are all over the world! GOD allowed all this evil to happen because He gave man and the angels a will to do good and stop evil if they chose.

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  4. Satan planned to use the Nephilim giants to stop the coming of the pure one, the Messiah. As mankind willfully sins the wicked angels can build invisible strongholds over the evil villages, cities, states, countries, and continents. If the non-believers refuse to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior, it gives evil extra power to cause tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, disease, shootings,famine, drought, etc.

    These fallen angels were stuck in the second heaven for tens of thousands of years. They are allowed access to earth in these last days to do despicable things before the coming of Jesus. Since what happened in Roswell, N. The fallen angels can make themselves look like E. Since fallen angels are not God they have contruction abilities but no creativity powers unless they use a real human or animal.

    They can change themselves to look like a normal person, a monster, or an animal. Man, who is made a little lower than the angels, is already confined to the lower spheres of relativity. So when he creates negative karma, he simply remains at his own level while he balances it. Here they walk about, as Peter said, seeking whosesoever souls and minds and bodies they may devour, [2] sowing seeds of unrest and the Luciferian rebellion among the people through the subculture of rock music and drugs , the media, and their Babylonian cult of idolatry.

    Sanat Kumara speaks of the bands of angels that followed Lucifer:.