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An expression meaning to fit in by following along with the same behavior or attitude because your friends or people similar to you are doing it. Penny-wise, pound-foolish. Being careful about unimportant decisions and careless about important ones, often referring to wasting money on unimportant items, rather than saving for important ones. An expression meaning something that is particularly annoying to a particular person.

Picture is worth a thousand words. A proverb that implies it's easier to understand something by seeing it, rather than talking or reading a description of it.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. An expression meaning to eat or consume too much or well beyond a "normal" helping. Pins and needles. An expression meaning the tingling sensation experienced in recovering from numbness, or an anxious feeling waiting for something to arrive or happen. Piss and Moan.

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Piss and wind. Plate is full. An expression meaning fully engaged, having no room to take on new responsibilities or activities. Playing without a full deck. Play it by ear. Originally describing a musician playing being about to play a tune after hearing it, rather than reading the music, expanded to mean making this up as you go along. Pleased as punch. An expression derived from an Italian puppet character meaning feeling great delight or pride. An expression meaning keeping an expression on one's face that doesn't reveal one's intentions.

Poor as a church mouse. Port in a storm. An expression meaning that any solution is better than doing nothing at all. Pot calling the kettle black. Practice what one preaches. Preaching to the choir. Pressing someone's buttons. Pulling someone's chain or yanking someone's chain. An expression meaning to tease someone into believing something that isn't true.

Pulling strings. An expression meaning to make use of one's influence to gain advantage unfairly or unofficially. Pull oneself up by one's bootstraps.

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Pull someone's leg. An expression meaning to tell someone something that is not true as a way of joking with them. Putting the cart before the horse. An expression meaning to jump ahead, to do one thing before taking care of what should be done first. Quid pro quo. An exchange of gifts or services, you do something for me, I'll do something for you.

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Rain on one's parade. An expression meaning to dampen someone's mood or bring up something sad or upsetting in reaction to their happiness. Raising Cane. A reference to the character in the Bible who committed the first murder, commonly used to react in a rowdy or disruptive way.

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Rally the troops. An expression originating during war time, it means to have a meeting with friends, family or co-workers and get them united to help out with something. Razor's edge. An expression meaning a risky or complicated move that could land you in trouble, either going very well or very badly. Reach the boiling point or boiling over. An expression which means the time at which action is required or anger erupts, similar to "the last straw".

Read someone the riot act. An expression meaning a strong warning to stop behaving badly, derived from Britain, The Riot Act of was invoked to prevent "tumults and riotous assemblies". Reap what one's sows. Right-hand man.

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A reference to someone who is essential, helpful, or a partner in ensuring another person's success. Ring a bell. An expression meaning to recognize something as familiar. Similar to "clear as a bell.

Rob Peter to pay Paul. Biblical reference, taking something from someone to give to another, without any real gain. Rock and roll. Roller coaster ride. An expression meaning traveling up and down without a clear direction, also a scary or unpredictable situation. An expression meaning to overturn, an extension or transfer of a debt or other financial arrangement, or to shift one's position by turning from one side to the other.

Roll with the punches. Running against the clock. An expression meaning to run out of time or struggling to get something done in the shortest period of time possible. Run out of gas.

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Runt of the litter. Salt of the earth. A decent, dependable, unpretentious person, with origins from the Bible, Book of Matthew. Saving something for a rainy day. Saving something for a later time when you might need it, similar to "having a nest egg". Scramble or hustle. Second-hand information. An expression meaning to gain information from others or from books, rather than discovering information directly. See the forest for the trees. An expression describing someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole.

See you later alligator, in a while crocodile. Self-fulfilling prophecy. An expression meaning a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to be true because of positive behavior or a belief. Separate the wheat from the chaff. An expression meaning to distinguish valuable things or people from worthless ones. Set your sails with the wind.

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An expression used as an adjective to describe something or someone underhanded or not to be trusted. What a shady character! A war reference meaning someone suffering from a trauma, too overwhelmed to act appropriately or rationally. She's got a bun in the oven. Ship has sailed.

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An expression meaning it is too late to correct or change what's already been done. All you can do now is get a good night's sleep. Shit from Shinola. Shit hits the fan. An expression referring to when something bad happens, the consequences reveal themselves. Shit or get off the pot. An expression meaning to take action rather than remain inactive, similar to "fish or cut bait". An expression meaning a small amount of money that is inadequate for its intended purpose.